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Swanky Sauce MILD 1/2Gal

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Party Time Size!!! 1/2 Gal MILD

Swanky Sauce is a great marinade for your pork, steak, chicken, shrimp but also adds a great kick to your deli sandwich, chicken wings and even your morning scrambled eggs. We've even had customers say it's great as a pizza sauce. Swanky Sauce - Habanero Honey - is for people who like heat. "It's a sweet treat with just the right heat."

No High Fructose Corn Syrup
Gluten Free
No Artificial Flavors or Colors

Customer Reviews

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Best sauce ever!

Had to buy the 1/2 gallon jug it is so good, It can be used on so many different food types, we love it! Also, just bought a house and wanted to get something for the sales person who did such a good job, So, what else, but Swanky sauce! She will be getting a bottle of Swanky sauce to spread the good taste to her family and friends in North Carolina!


It is awsome going to buy a half gallon the next time I order it. It's better then what you buy in the store