Let's Get Swanky!

Swanky Sauce® The most versatile sauce on the planet 

All natural - Packed with true sweetness - And real heat 

The smoked habanero gives a hint of smokey heat while the real honey gives a smooth finish taste that won't leave your mouth on fire. 

Hand Crafted

We take pried in every bottle, every detail...

A Simple Garnish

Not only dose Swanky Sauce taste amazing. It also looks amazing...

Would you take a bite?

Add Swanky Sauce to any sandwich! You will test the difference.

Swanky Wings

your parties will never be the same again ;-)

- Swanky Sauce Brand Ambassadors (Isaac Yiadom) -

isaac yiadom

Isaac Yiadom selected by the Denver Broncos in the 3rd round of NFL draft

- Testimonials -

If you have not tried this, you are missing out. It is fabulous!!!!

Mitch M.

“Swanky Sauce is the best sauce that I have tried in New England, I always use their mild honey sauce when eating wings and it’s better then anything I’ve yet to try“

Ike Yaidom
isaac yiadom

This stuff is better than BBQ sauce, honestly. We just had chicken marinated and grilled with Swanky Sauce for Father's Day dinner and it was fantastic. Now I need to buy another bottle, because I'm already thinking about pulled pork: swanky style.

Melanie R.

Sunday night football and smothered chicken with swanky sauce to finish a long day. Yum!

Kevin M.

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